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We Understand USA is a republic and Not a Democracy. We support our Constitution, Believe in God, Honesty and Hard Work. Everyone has the God Given Right to Offend, Discriminate and be themselves. Our Morals, Character and Beliefs give us the Choices not to!

We Speak English only, We Stand for the National Anthem, We still have God in the Pledge of Allegience. All of this because of God, Our Forefathers and the Veterans that have fought and died for our Freedom and Rights.

USA Products

We Support USA Made Products every way possible.

In Our Customers words

 "Mason Dixon Supply has top of the line products, great prices, and Tom/Carolyn Dixon will go out of their way to make sure you get the best product for your money. It is a pleasure to do business with Mason Dixon Supply." Darell Little - Ergon Trucking - Petal , MS 

 "Mason Dixon consistently gives Good customer service. Staff are prompt efficient and friendly. The Company is helpful and happy to serve you. Pricing is competitive and reasonable. Deliveries are always on-time" An A+ Supplier to build a relationship with. - Derek Noffsinger - Purchasing Manager - Logan Industries - Hempstead, TX 

 I don't remember the last time I encountered a company that went the extra mile for the sake of customer satisfaction. These Folks Do!" Rob Thomas - Wellsite Delivery Services - Houston, TX - Denver, CO

I want everyone to know that Mason Dixon Supply has very excellent customer service and are upfront a honest individuals with everything they have done for our team at HERTZ EQUIPMENT RENTAL I want to thank them for the quality of their services they provide and working with us in any which way to execute our tasks. Mr. Tom as well as his team have not only built a strong foundation for their company, they built a relationship with our team and we thank them for the trust and humbleness of their work." Santino Lopez - HPS Supervisor - Hertz Equipment Rental Deer Park, TX

Republic Vs Democray for Dummies

Please take time to review for an understanding of what we actually are here in the USA!

Interstate Driving for Dummies

Learn to Drive on Big Roads in 1 video!

We Value Our Freedom!


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